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Which Industries Use the Most Steel?

Which Industries Use the Most Steel?
The rise of the steel industry was imperative to the growth of many countries throughout the world. Without the steel industry, lots of other industries would have never been able to improve and flourish into what they are today. Steel is used in so many different ways (from decoration, art to army defense). And while many industries consume steel, here are the top three that Steel Consuming Industries :

1. Construction :

Out of all of the industries that consume steel, the construction industry reigns supreme. In fact, according to the Organisation for co-operation and development, the construction industry accounts about 50 percent of the world’s total steel consumption. This comes as no surprise seeing as steel is used to construct the majority of buildings and other infrastructures.

2. Automobile :

Besides construction, the automobile industry consumes more steel than any other industry. This isn’t surprising as iron and steel make up about 65 percent of an automobile’s weight. When it comes to the makeup of automobiles, vehicle manufacturing uses several steel products, but surface treated steel sheets are the type most utilized. Surface treated steel typically includes hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized as well as galvannealed steel sheets.

In the manufacturing of vehicles, steel sheets are used in the frame as well as in the hood, doors, bumpers, and tanks. Specialty steel that is tenacious and resistant to wear is used for parts within the engine, transmission, and suspension.

3. Machinery :

The machinery industry is the third most steel-consuming industry in the world. The machinery industry manufactures industrial equipment and components made by cutting and welding steel plates. Specialty steels, along with steel sheets, pipes and bars are also frequently used. The machinery industry is responsible for the means of production for agriculture, mining, public utility, and more, so they rely heavily on the steel industry.